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Romania’s Endangered Species

Romania is one of Europe’s most diverse country, we have beautiful seaside and astonishing mountains. We have rare species and some that represents the last few from the whole world. The country’s natural heritage is one of our biggest treasures that we would like to preserve. Pojum Edith, the founder and illustrator of Cutie Cards, helped us create a collection that draws the attention to Romania’s most endangered species. Enjoy the beauty of our nature! Keep it safe! Enjoy our high quality teas and make your loved ones smile to! Limited edition by Pojum Edith.

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  1. The Marbled Polecat

    The Marbled Polecat


    You may call me soliary Although not quite sedentary I'm active much during the night, But I am not afraid of light.

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  2. Hamster


    "Menta Marocana"-are efect revigorant deosebit, fie rece sau fierbinte. Vezi mai mult
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  3. Red - breasted goose

    Red - breasted goose

    100 g
    Un cocktail originar din Insulele Caraibe, cu flori delicate de hibiscus, macese,bucati confiate de ananas, coaja de portocale si nuca de cocos tocata. Infuzia are o aroma cremoasa si dulce, un ceai delicios care poate fi baut fie rece sau cald. Vezi mai mult
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  4. Bizon


    100 g
    Ceai rooibos cu scortisoara, coaja de citrice, ghimbir, anason, piper boabe, cuisoare, cardamom. Nearomatizat. O specialitate de rooibos, fara cafeina, gen "Masala", din Africa de Sud, cu scortisoara, cardamon, coaja de citrice, bucati de ghimbir, anason, piper si cuisoare. Fara arome suplimentare. O infuzie cu gust bogat, placut si dulce picant, ideal consumat ca un chai latte! Vezi mai mult
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  5. The Egyptian Vulture

    The Egyptian Vulture

    100 g
    Amestec dulce de fructe cu macese, flori de hibiscus, bucati de mere, coaja de lamaie si flori de albastrea, rafinat cu arome delicioase de cirese. O infuzie intensa, rosie, cu gust complet de fructe si o nota intensa de cirese. Vezi mai mult
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